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Australian Medieval Artisans

Australia has a lot of artisans who create and sell quality, well priced kit for medieval reenactment.

We've noticed though that it's hard to find all these great suppliers. No one person can go to all the fairs run throughout the country to find a particular piece they're after. Suppliers can't be found online either. Websites are just too expensive to setup for the small quantities of goods sold by each artisan.

A Customised Platform to Sell

To gain the exposure needed to sell to a larger audience, Australian medieval artisans need a site built for them, specifically tailored to the unique requirements of medieval gear, and built as a destination for reenactors and their gear.

Products will be categorised so they're easier to find. Each artisan has their own store. And best of all, shipping calculations and payments will be automatic so you receive the money on time.


Become part of a new platform for selling medieval reenactment gear in Australia.


Registering your interest

When you register your interest, you have the opportunity to tell us what you need and want from this powerful selling tool.

Submit your products

As of January 2015, we've started collecting products to upload to the site. If you would like to submit your product/s, please fill out a product sheet (Microsoft Excel or Mac Numbers) and email through to with accompanying images.



Your Merchant Account

  • Free account registration
  • Add/edit products and photos with advanced categorisation system
  • Add/edit/customise public merchant's profile
  • View and export financial records
  • Keep track of product views/purchases (site statistics)
  • Automated stock level updates
  • Flexible options for customer to merchant transactions
  • Would you like any other features? Register now and let us know

What we'll do for you

  • Extensive Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing campaigns will give your medieval store greater exposure than on any other Australian online marketplace.
  • Targeted pre-event marketing: 3 month marketing campaigns for run-up to every major Australian reenactment event
  • Provide an interface that's easy for you and your customers to use
  • Provide assurance that we want this to be beneficial and profitable for you, not just us

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